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Verkaufe: Alde 3020 compact inkl. Control Panel, Wall flue

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New Alde Compact 3020

The heating system mobile living

The Alde Compact 3020 HE central heating and hot water boiler is the ideal choice for boat, motor home, caravan and portable accommodation applications. It offers a combined 8.5 kilowatt output giving plenty of hot water and is able to utilise up to 14 meters of Alde convector or six 1kW domestic panel radiators. The boiler automatically adjusts its power output to match demand to ensure maximum efficiency operating on either LPG or 230V.

All connections are located on the front of the boiler to allow a tidy installation that maximises usable space and location options. Side or roof flue terminals are available, linked to the boiler by a flexible flue which cools the exhausts gases giving further installation possibilities.

The glycol fluid is circulated silently around the heating system by the unique Alde 12V pump which works with the header tank to give a very low battery draw for extending trips away without electrical hook up. As the heated glycol solution passes through the system, the convectors give an even temperature throughout with minimum heat fluctuation, just like a modern central heating system found in a home.


Boiler design

The Alde Compact 3020 HE boiler has been designed to deliver reliable superior heating in the toughest Scandinavian conditions. Testing and monitoring of quality parts and materials is ongoing and rigorous.

The boiler consists of three eccen­trically-fitted cylinders (heat exchanger, water jacket for the heating system and, outermost, water jacket for hot water). The two outer pipes, and their ends and connections, are made of stainless steel, while the heat exchanger is made of aluminium. The heat exchanger is divided into two semi-circles. The burner is located in the upper half, being the combustion chamber, and the combustion gases are expelled through the lower half. The burner unit is fitted on the end of the heat exchanger. It consists of a combustion fan, burner, solenoid valve and intake/exhaust connections.

Two heating cartridges are fitted to the water jacket of the heating system.


Height: 310 mm

Breadth: 340 mm

Depth: 490 mm

Weight: 14 kg (without fluid)

Gas: Propane / Butane

Output Step 1: Propane 3,3 kW / Butane 3.8 kW

Gas consumption: Propane 245 g/h / Butane 275 g/h

Output Step 2: Propane 5,5 kW / Butane 6,4 kW

Gas consumption: Propane 405 g/h / Butane 460 g/h

Gas pressure: I3+ 28-30/37 mbar

I3B/P 30 mbar

Volume glycol fluid: 3,5 lt

Volume fresh water: 8,4 lt

Max. pressure glycol fluid: 0,05 MPa (0,5 bar)

Max. pressure fresh water: 0,3 MPa (3,0 bar)

System temperature: max 85 °C.

Output heating cartridge: 1 x 1050 W (230 V ~)

(2 or 3 kW) 1 x 2100 W (230 V ~)

Power consumption 12 V DC: 1 amp (max)

Control Panel inkl. Connection cable 6,0m

Control panel with colour touch screen

Alde’s new control panel is based on the latest technology. Its 3.5” TFT touch screen makes it easy to navigate through the various functions. The screen resolution ensures a clear picture in both daylight and darkness. The control panel also features a user-friendly interface, with self-explanatory menus in colour.

One of the innovations is the option of connecting the Alde Compact 3020 HE with Truma Aventa Comfort AC, thereby benefiting from a full climate control system.

Night Mode, with the option of the following settings:

Temperature reduction.

Hot water switch-off.

Inverted (darker) screen.

Quieter AC.

Changeover to temperature sensor in sleeping accommodation area.

An options dongle allows access to the following premium functions:

Control of the floor heating pump.

Control of the booster fan.

Control of the circulation pump for the heat exchanger.

Control of a tank for additional hot water.

DuoControl changeover with EisEx.

The control panel features a user-friendly interface, with self-explanatory menus in colour.

Information menu. The time and temperature are shown here, along with whatever is connected to the Compact 3020 HE.

Settings menu. The basic heating settings are defined here: required temperature, extra hot water and energy selection, among other things.

Tools menu. Here you can adjust and connect additional functions to the Compact 3020 HE.

Dimensions: 97?×?86 mm.

Gloss Black.

Wall flue

Flue for side installation. Delivered with hose clips for exhaust hose and inlet hose.

Size of hole Ø 83 mm.

Medium grey flue cap.

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Preis: 1800 EUR Festpreis (FP)

Alde   3020   compact   inkl.   Control  

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